Getting you to the goal. A doula nurtures you with her understanding of the physiology of birth and your personal needs during labor. Studies show that when doulas attend a birth, labors are shorter, complications are fewer, babies are healthier and breastfeeding is easier. Our DONA trained doulas offer an objective viewpoint, help you get information to make confident decisions, and facilitate communication among you, your family and hospital staff. We only choose doulas who agree that you are the priority and look forward to working beside you throughout your birthing experience.

The Birth Hospital is the first and only hospital in the state to feature birth doulas on staff. Because we value doula care as part of your birth team, The Birth Hospital pays the majority of the cost for this service leaving our families with a nominal $75 fee at the time of doula registration. Please request information regarding scholarships if interested.

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Ann Grauer, Doula Coordinator at The Birth Hospital

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