We work with you. You should be focusing on the joy of your birth, not the dread of medical bills. Columbia Center Birth Hospital understands the financial reality some families face. We assist all patients to understand billing and insurance. Some patients may be eligible for some level of discount based on a substantive assessment of their ability to pay. The assessment will consider total income and dollar amount of patient responsibility based on a sliding scale.

Patients who do not qualify for the Financial Assistance Program, but are in need of financial assistance, will be offered appropriate extended payment terms or other options that take into account the patient’s financial status.

Download Our Financial Assistance Application

Download The Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

Print, complete and return the following financial assistance application–along with the necessary documentation—to:

Columbia Center Birth Hospital
Business Office
P.O. Box 311
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Questions? If you need assistance completing
this application, please call:

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