What To Expect


Forty weeks that change your world. Once you know you’re expecting, you see things in a different light. Here’s a guide to help you focus on key milestones, with support from The Birth Hospital at every step.

First trimester
Congratulations! With your pregnancy confirmed, your to-do list is growing as fast as your baby.

Start or continue healthy eating, sleeping and exercising habits
Check your insurance coverage
Find a physician
Complete our Pre-Admission Form to register
as a patient
Create a savings plan for your child’s future
Attend first-time mom class: Oh Baby,
Let’s Get Started

Second trimester
This trimester is all about preparation. Appointments with your physician increase to twice a month.

Plan for any maternity leave and your work
schedule after birth
Consider childcare plans. Interview providers.
Tour The Birth Hospital
Prepare the baby’s sleeping space or nursery
Interview pediatricians
Attend childbirth classes: Childbirth and Early Parenting Series
Explore affordable doula service at our Meet the Doulas gathering
If you haven’t already done so, complete our Pre-Admission Form

Third trimester
Almost time! Your focus shifts from preparation to completion. As the trimester progresses, you’ll see your physician once a week.

Complete childbirth class
Complete your Birth Preferences Guide
Gather first aid and emergency items at home, and attend Infant CPR
Have a car seat installed
Pack for the big day. Remember, The Birth Hospital offers comfy robes.
Attend Breastfeeding Your Baby –
Off to a Good Start

If you already have children, attend a Refresher Class and/or Sibling Class

First month postpartum
As your family welcomes its newest member, you can continue to rely on The Birth Hospital to listen to you, answer your questions and offer support.

Bring your baby to the pediatrician for a checkup
Call as needed for lactation assistance
Attend Breastfeeding Your Baby – Beyond the Early Weeks
If you or someone you know is having a difficult time postpartum, call us at 262-243-7408,
we’re here to help.

Second month postpartum

Attend Moms Group to meet with other
parents and babies
Attend our Infant Massage class
Attend Adjusting to Motherhood if you’re feeling sad or anxious
Submit Your Birth Story to share photos and comments about your experience

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