What’s next? The first hours after childbirth launch a new world for you and your family, in the comfort and privacy of your suite at The Birth Hospital. Enjoy skin-to-skin time with your baby, begin family bonding and get breastfeeding off to a good start. Receive visitors, take pictures, make time for a nap, and prepare to take your new bundle home. Your doctor and our staff continue to monitor the health of you and your baby.

At home, food and rest are key. It’s common to feel unsure or overwhelmed, and we encourage you to call 262.243.7408 with any questions. The Birth Hospital is here to help.

Breastfeeding Helpline. Call our Breastfeeding Helpline at 262.243.6632 to talk with board-certified lactation consultants Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also schedule an outpatient lactation consultation offered to you at no cost.

Parent Helpline.
To speak with a Birth Hospital nurse call 262.243.7408 anytime, day or night, with questions or concerns.

Complementary weight check. Bring your baby back to The Birth Hospital for a quick baby weight check, any time day or night – no appointment necessary. We encourage you to contact your pediatrician with questions or concerns.

In the months after childbirth, The Birth Hospital continues to offer important resources.

First month postpartum

Take your baby to the pediatrician for a checkup
Call as needed for lactation assistance
Attend Moms Group to meet with other parents and babies
Attend Breastfeeding Your Baby – Beyond the Early Weeks
If you or someone you know is having a difficult time postpartum, call 262-243-7408 and ask to speak with one of our nurses

Second month postpartum

Attend Moms Group to meet with other parents
and babies
Attend our Infant Massage class
Attend Adjusting to Motherhood if you’re feeling sad or anxious

Ongoing after childbirth

Continue attending Moms Group for support from other moms
Check our calendar for other programs and events that may interest you


"How do postpartum depression, the baby blues and postpartum psychosis vary?"

answer >

In the weeks soon after childbirth, the baby blues can be a lingering melancholy. Postpartum depression is a form of clinical depression. Postpartum psychosis is even more serious as a mental disorder that won’t go away. All need treatment. Learn more>>

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