Sometimes plan b is a c-section. The Birth Hospital has one of the lowest rates of cesarean delivery in the state. But planned and emergency cesareans happen every day when your baby is in a tough spot or you’re in a tough situation. And that’s OK. Our team of experienced physicians, OB techs and nurses will walk you and your family through the process.

If your c-section is planned, you’ll get an information packet that details instructions on what you can or cannot eat or drink before surgery. You’ll arrive two hours before your scheduled time so your nurse can take vitals and help prepare you for the operating room.

With a planned or emergency c-section, your husband may be by your side during anesthesia and surgery. In the recovery room, you and the baby will be monitored and encouraged to practice skin-to-skin contact for bonding and breastfeeding. Before you’re discharged 3-4 days later, you’ll get detailed instructions on postpartum care to speed your recovery and prevent complications.

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