Weeks of preparation. One special day. Here’s where the time and effort you put into preparing for your birth experience pays off. Pull up to our entrance and walk right in – no need to find your way through hospital hallways and elevators.

Enter our beautiful spa-like environment and settle into the suite that’s yours for your entire stay. You’ll find everything you need and plenty of luxury amenities. The Birth Preferences Guide you completed a few weeks earlier helps our team know exactly what you want.

If you’re participating in our doula program, your doula will offer physical and emotional encouragement and assistance from start to finish, providing information as you need it and facilitating communication with the hospital staff. Our team also stays in contact with your physician. And your family members are welcome to enjoy the amenities pointed out on your tour of The Birth Hospital.

While no one can control outcomes, we support you and your partner in your choices at each phase. The Birth Hospital is prepared to handle every procedure—from vaginal delivery to a cesarean (c-section) to a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). We’ll encourage you all the way through, from early labor to active labor and transition to the final stage.


"May I change my mind or deviate from my birth preferences during labor?"

answer >

Of course. Your guide is simply a start. Your needs and desires may change along your journey in labor. Learn more>>

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