Our goal is to inform you so you’re confident making decisions about childbirth. Unlike unsourced information you’d find online, our classes provide human interaction and professional advice to help you in the birthing suite as well as before and after. We offer practical education and support to everyone involved so mothers, fathers, grandparents and even siblings are ready for your new arrival at The Birth Hospital.

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Oh Baby, Let's Get Started

You will want to attend this class as soon as you are ready to learn more about getting off to the best possible start with a healthy pregnancy. Then we’ll take a look ahead to the incredible journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. A light snack will be served. We’ll guide you through the process, how to sort through the options, what is available, and where to get the information you’ll need along the way.

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Childbirth and Early Parenting Series

Your baby’s birth day is a day you will always remember. You will want to feel ready and confident as that day draws near, by preparing for it. Share in this exciting time with other expectant parents as you are guided through the process of giving birth and early parenting. This class series is attended during the last two months of your pregnancy.

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Meet the Doulas Gathering

We invite you to join us for our Meet the Doulas gathering held once each month and get acquainted with our doulas. Meet the Doulas is held in the Columbia Center Family Room. (Note: Registration is not required to attend Meet the Doulas.)

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Refresher Class

If you have previously given birth, this class – attended in the last two months of pregnancy – is just right for you. Class includes a tour of Columbia Center.

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Sibling Class

This class will introduce children 3- to 10-years-old to Columbia Center and help prepare them for the new baby. Attended with parents and includes a tour of Columbia Center.

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Breastfeeding - Off to a Good Start

This class will help you get off to a good start and enjoy continued success with breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding - Beyond the Early Weeks, Pumping, & Returning to Work

Whether you are returning to work, school, or staying at home, you can continue to breastfeed and enjoy an active lifestyle. This class is attended with baby.

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Infant CPR Class

Families will learn about the basic skills of safety, CPR and relief of choking. An Infant CPR Anytime Kit will be provided which uses the American Heart Association's unique, research proven "practice-while-watching" technique for practice and sharing these skills with family and caregivers. The kit is provided free of charge (a $38.50 value) and is yours to take home. 

The class is taught by CPR certified nurses and is suggested for infants from birth to 12 months.

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Tender Touch Infant Massage

This class offers parents an opportunity to learn massage techniques to soothe baby, enhance bonding and promote infant and parent interaction. Classes are attended with your baby.

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Adjusting to Motherhood

All mothers and family members are also welcome to join us at The Birth Hospital for free postpartum support—one on one or in a group setting. In partnership with Milwaukee-area licensed clinical social worker Rose Eichenhoefer, our informal and confidential gathering is led by Postpartum Support International training facilitator Ann Grauer, IBCLC, CD DONA.

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Mom's Group

Come join us as parents of new babies gather to share the joys, challenges and treasured moments of early parenthood and breastfeeding. Learn parenting secrets and tips with other parents. All families with babies from birth to toddler age are welcome to attend.

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